Dentists’ Care in Cabanatuan, Philippines

What makes a good dentist? Here at Cabanatuan City Dental Clinic, we offer you the best dental services and provide you the most convenient accommodation. Dentists and other personnel staffs are of the clinic’s pride too who are professionals and good-mannered. We are dedicated and high passionate individuals who will strive to give and understand your needs. We will even exceed your expectations. We, sometimes, receive recommendation by everyone who visits our place. We are hardworking that work together with the spirit of harmony, unity and cooperation. More so, everyone will welcome you with a warm smile as we promote a friendly environment. Cabanatuan City Dental Clinic is one of the dental clinics that provides high quality of dental care to patients. It is one of the leading team in dentistry!

Our mission is to provide our patients high standard, high quality and complete dental care with comfortable and friendly environment. We also aim to give our best with reliable dental products and technologies. Cabanatuan City Dental Clinic Services includes the following: cosmetic dentist consultation, gum contouring and reshaping, tooth extraction, inlay or onlay, veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges. Cosmetic dentist consultation basically pertains to dental work that primarily emphasize to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth, alignment, gums, bite and others. Inlay is an indirect restoration. It is filling the cavity in a tooth with a solid substance such as gold or porcelain. Onlay is almost the same as an inlay. The difference is that in order to replace the tooth cusp (pointed end where two curves meet), the area where the missing cusp would be should be covered. Dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth. The purpose is to restore the shape, size, strength of the tooth. Dental bridge, on the other hand, is bridging the gap made by a missing tooth.